Zee TV Drama Serial – Bano Mein Teri Dulhann – Critical Reviews

Outbreaks from the past lives of Sagar and Vidia:

Amar often feels and receives flashes of past life that he cannot understand. He feels a strange attraction to the old Manor of Sagar. He often goes there and asks only the mansion. He catches a glimpse of people there, especially a young man and a woman. He is attracted to a couple of beautiful eyes who seem to have many messages for him, but he can’t read them. But, unfortunately, Divia does not have this feeling, because she grew up in another culture where superstitions do not matter. Amar takes Divia on a tour of the old mansion and strangely discovers a scarf that Sagar threw at Vidia from the balcony. Impossible, Amar, led by an unknown hand, in the same way throws a scarf on Divia. It’s too much to swallow. They don’t know it yet. They think it’s just a friendship, but Bindia, who loves Amara, is happy with intimacy. She refers to this fact in the preservation with Amar’s mother. She wants Divya to disappear from Amar’s life.


Sindura proves that he can achieve what he wants to achieve. She holds the key to the fate of all those around her, and prevents Samrat from leaving the city to get Divia, sending her an arrest warrant for the murder of an endangered deer. She then let Aniket’s frantic dogs tear him apart as he tried to escape and get to the media. Locked up on his farm, He asked for terrible consequences if he tried to escape again. She also wants to control Divia’s life because of her strong resemblance to Vidia. Anything beyond her knowledge frightens her. So she hires a hired killer to follow her and learn all about her and the tour guide – Amara. She can never escape the fear of prediction: the birth of a child that will end her. This fear and the need to defend her superiority make her silence a curious journalist. The journalist recorded all the events on the farm during Anikit’s imprisonment.

Dr. Altaf Hossain, author of the article, wrote the above while watching the Indian television series Dulhann-Bano Mein Teri Dulhann. You can copy the article if my signature and permission from EzineArticles.com.

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