Zee-Horse – Do You Know What I Am?

Humanity is a living breathing mechanism, so it should be, otherwise we will die out. People who have survived on the planet have done a lot, and some – not very good for the general development of civilization. As people develop, so does the world. You hope that we are in constant contact with ourselves. Always remember that we are just people. We don’t have power. We are no better than the people who were before us. Maybe we’re a little lucky because of social progress over the years.

Many once unimaginable luxuries have now become the norm, such as cars, electricity, plumbing, television, etc. Nothing we deem necessary today would have been possible without the sacrifices of the past. Unfortunately, we are human beings and forget the past. We’re starting to believe our own hype. We think we are a world when we are really only a tiny point on the vast planet. I think it’s hard to think clearly when you start to believe that you are the cause of greatness, instead of realizing that you are reaping the benefits of only those who were before you.

As technology has evolved, people have become more informed and arrogant. Just because we know we can do something, it means we have to do it. There comes a time when you experiment to experiment, it’s just an excuse because you run out of ideas. What was the purpose of your favorite stone? Why did you need a zi-horse? You asked me what a seahorse is.

Well, if you take a zebra stallion and pair it with a mare, you’ll get zee-horse. The seahorse is shaped like a horse, but has stripes on its legs and sometimes stripes on the body and neck. Seahorse is also infertile. Professor Kossar Jart, who was a geneticist, decided to cross the two animals because he wanted to see how the father of the SeaHorse would treat them. Later, the U.S. government conducted similar experiments.

I understand that there’s a lot going on with animals in the desert, but it’s nature. You’d think that a geneticist could use his talents more constructively.

The zebra itself is a unique animal. Why combine it with a horse, what would be achieved? For me, it’s nothing more than cutting animals to something smaller. There are so many interesting animals, and part of their puzzle is that they are all different. Everyone has their own personality. I understand the mating process if you’re trying to save the species, but SeaHorse wasn’t created for a greater purpose. And why did the U.S. government waste its time and taxes on zee-horse? What important information can the government get from zee-horse? This is a situation where a person does something just because he can; it doesn’t matter if it’s really useless.

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