World Class Free Film School – Lesson 1 – Sign Zee Papers!

Welcome to the world-class free film school!

In the next series of articles we will share the blood knowledge that we have acquired as successful independent filmmakers. And (drum roll!) we do it FOR FREE!

Why would we do it for free? Well, because we’re in love. Because we love you and want you to succeed in this sometimes complex and crazy thing called “Cinema Industry.”

Now in this big old world a lot of good film schools. Places where an aspiring director or producer can help you learn the many skills needed to make a movie.

You can also read many wonderful books that will give you everything you need to make a movie. Unfortunately for the poor masses coming together, these film schools and books will require an initial investment of time and money. The amount you will eventually spend can be in the thousands of dollars. There is nothing wrong with spending money on self-study. Maybe there are film schools that can really help you improve your chances of getting a job in the film industry, but…

Almost all without exception graduates of these film schools will find that the creation of their first films as a director will eventually cost them thousands of dollars more. They learn from their own bitter experience that few directors will ever get a return on the money invested in financing their first films.

So it was still with an independent filmmaker. Too many stories are told about these budding filmmakers who ask, occupy or steal to produce their first pair of failures. At the end of these sad stories, the tragedy is that they never finished their first film. Maybe they didn’t start. Perhaps they lacked patience or time. Or maybe they had an over budget, financial trouble, robbing family and friends for services they couldn’t return. The end result? Oh, I don’t know, you could be an embittered former director, working in a shitty job, coping with a painful ego, feeling like a huge loser, spending so much money on film school.

Are you ready for a paradigm shift? This is what makes the World Class free film school different! Here you can learn all the technical information on how to create an independent film without breaking the money! In this free online film school, you’ll learn the basics of preparing for production, production and publishing. You will follow the path of a successful freelance filmmaker and test the self-sufficient business model that I have followed since day one in business.

You’ll get an idea of the lessons I’ve learned, and you’ll follow me step by step until I explain to you how I wrote, directed and produced my first profitable film and continued to use it as money from a startup to create an income-generating film. Library. You’ll learn tips and tricks on how to create movie revenue streams, as well as satisfy the creative spirit that led you to this page in the first place. With these sources of income you can create your own arsenal of film equipment, finance, produce and self-distribute more from the same sources of income and, yes, give yourself the financial freedom to create non-commercial short films now. And then, no matter what. Where the funding comes from!

Interested? Well, that’s what I’m talking about Check regularly! Work on it continues, and it will develop as we happily overcome the strewn with dangers of the road of yellow brick in this crazy thing called show business. I look forward to sharing and sharing some of the knowledge and experience that has enabled me to become a successful filmmaker. Yes, indeed, sometimes I punch my own barbarian vulture in the chest and call my barbaric vulture; “I’m a fucking filmmaker!”

Having said that, I truly believe that at the end of this course, if you follow my delicious advice, you will surely be able to shout the same barbaric vulture!

So come on, jump in my head and follow me! You have nothing to lose and you have nothing to buy. It’s fun, it’s fun, it’s fun, and you can learn something.

The best is; All for free!

Lesson 1 – Draw sea papers!

Okay, you’ve decided to make a movie and you won’t let anything stop you. It’s time to do like Nike, and do it. You fully chose your team and they said they would work for free (or almost free and on credit).


One of the biggest flaws of this crazy business (and make no mistake, it’s a business) is that it can turn usually good people into totally greedy, unbearably selfish and downright insane monsters. It’s not a joke.

I don’t know what it is, but one day you’re friends with someone who came to your project two months ago to help collaborate, all right, you go to the Sundance Award, and the next day – BLAMMO! It’s like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This former “normal man” was replaced by an alien who last night grew a capsule while sleeping. You could hire him to record some of your records, and he still has tapes. He was going to edit them, but now he says he wants an advance of a billion dollars, he wants 50% fee from all sales, he wants full creative control and … Please wait… he wants THE DIRECTOR in the film to be originally your idea two years ago.

Well, that’s one of the most important tips I’ll give you. Before you do anything else; Write it down! The first step; When you’re done with the script, make sure it’s copyrighted. You can easily do this by logging into the copyright.gov site by paying $35 and following their instructions. Step two: if you invite someone to your film for cooperation, use the contract! State everything completely and make sure you don’t give up things like ownership. Make the best possible conditions for yourself. Remember, this is your concept, your project, your business! Think of employees as business people, as employees. Employees you value, value and share with, but always; Collaborators. To finish the film, someone has to be responsible. If they want to be in charge, guess what? They can make their own movie! Even if they work for free (or almost), you can return them, for example, if they turn into a group of people. Don’t be afraid to fire someone if you need to.

Make the contracts as strong as possible. What you offer them and what rights you retain. Personally, I prefer to pay someone upfront for a daily fee than to let them work for free (or for a pie in the air). It’s much cleaner. Cake competitions can be confusing.

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