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Some start the process with a vague idea (e.g., “I’m in love, so I think I’d like some kind of ring”), but most people are somewhere in the middle. Whether you’re designing this ring for a surprise proposal or designing it together, you may not be sure what’s right for you at first. We recommend starting with a visual guide to the different styles and configurations of engagement rings.

Nothing can commemorate a special moment in your life like something engraved in the inside of your wedding ring. And having your ring engraved is an absolute tribute to the relationship this ring represents. There are several ways in which people have their rings engraved.

This is also a great way to customize your ring in a way that fits the design you want. Be inspired by the kind of shapes that work with the size of the middle stone you have. Even if you’re designing virtually with a favorite artist, you can help your designer by trying out a few different ring styles, sizes, and bricks with your local jewelry. The best custom engagement ring is one that both you and the jewelry designer are satisfied with. The jeweler you choose should help inspire your custom design, so you should look for someone you’re already a fan of. Going to the same jewelry box for both rings is useful because the store representatives become familiar with your sense of style and can help you better.

Also, make sure you see all the items in person, to get a better idea of how it will turn out. If your idea isn’t super specific, or if you want to further articulate the style you want, start hanging out in jewelry stores and the internet and drawing elements that grab your attention. Your custom design process usually starts with filling out a form on your website and booking a free phone design consultation to perfect the design details. From that moment on, almost everything is done virtually, with sketches, selection of diamonds and then the custom construction of the ring. The whole process, from start to finish, takes about 6 to 8 weeks. “Make sure you feel really comfortable and trust the person you end up working with because you want this to be a very joyful and easy experience,” Bartrum recalls.

You know which cuts, stones and metals not to choose, which will facilitate the design process. Try a combination of the tips above to get a clearer idea of what your partner really wants in an engagement ring. This article was co-authored by Nicole Wegman and wikiHow contributor Eric McClure. Nicole Wegman is the founder and CEO of Ring Concierge, a fine jewelry brand based in New York City. Ring Concierge specializes in trends in engagement rings and wedding ring rings and creates a luxury experience aimed at millennials. Ring Concierge offers engagement rings along with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and ankle straps.

Instead, a ring with a central diamond plus a minimal design is easy to shape into a smaller or larger size. If you plan to buy wedding rings online, check out the ring guidance table for the right size. It is recommended to choose a ring with an average size that is larger than the actual ring size. When they are about to select wedding rings, they can choose rings that complement the engagement ring or choose a completely new design. Most women like to wear their wedding and engagement rings side by side.

These styles and settings were often chosen for the comfort and convenience of the couple. However, when you two say “I do” and are faithful to each other for a lifetime, it would be good to buy wedding rings that show eternal love. Ring designs that tell the story of timeless love DR custom ring are ideal for any couple, modern or traditional. That said, a classic diamond ring can be customized with a modern design and still be made to look timeless. Since wedding rings are for all seasons, basically for life, couples should keep an eye on the size of changing the section.

An incredibly charming young couple got this amazing custom ring in early 2018. What he likes best in the world are pineapples, their joy, their happiness, their cakes upside down! We used a citrine carved into a checkerboard and emeralds to create this pineapple-inspired design in 14k white gold. It’s unique, original and perfect for her, proving that it’s not just the big flawless diamonds that make a lasting impression. Learn everything you need to know about designing a custom-made ring.

Have fun researching rings with your friends, considering your options, and “buying ideas” for inspiration. Our attention to detail, finer pieces and personal experience make the design process simple and rewarding. As a concierge-style store, we want to provide you with a personalized engagement ring that fits your budget and baffles your partner.