Top Attractions In Livigno

Combine the thrill of a high-speed ride with a snowy alpine landscape and you’ll discover why snowmobiles are so popular in Livigno. Thanks to the special duty-free rules in Livigno, many visitors take advantage of their holidays to buy high-quality designer products at exceptional prices. The museum is also open in winter, but only in summer you have the opportunity to experience it at night. Many triathletes choose Livigno for their altitude training. The discipline that combines swimming, cycling and running is one of the most complete summer activities. Hiking is the most popular activity and the choice of routes is practically endless.

Everyone realizes that winter sports are not exactly the cheapest pastime at some point. So once you really get into it, you just want to explore more places, ski and snowboard and change the landscape while Trenino rosso del bernina being able to afford it at the same time. Ski touring skis have unique bindings that allow your heel to loosen for uphill hiking, and when it’s time to ski, you turn it back on like a conventional ski.

Stroll along the shore of the lake or discover the glaciers in the area. A fixed time frame that does not exceed what is necessary to complete the purposes for which the data was collected and processed and that meets the deadlines necessary for the proper provision of the required services. In addition, the personal data collected are processed by the staff of Albergo St. Michael s.n.c. di Bormolini Damiano e F.lli on the basis of specific instructions regarding the purposes and methods of the processing in question. With the exception of the aforementioned data processing information, the user is free to provide Albergo St. Michael s.n.c. di Bormolini Damiano e F.lli with personal data via the information request forms.

Cross-country skiing in Livigno is really spectacular, because the trails are located right in the center of the village, flanked by the slopes of Carosello and Mottolino. In Livigno you have the opportunity to ski with the legendary skier Rocca, winner of the special slalom World Cup in 2006. Giorgio Rocca has opened a ski school, or rather a real Ski Academy in Livigno and St. Moritz. The Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy has among its certified instructors ideal for those who want to take their skiing to the next level. If you are an experienced skier and want to learn from the champion, you can perfect your technique together with a world champion and know all the secrets. The Academy also offers many solutions for children, beginners and adults looking for group lessons.

A large high mountain outlet where you can find everything, but be careful, check all regulations and do not forget to declare every purchase at customs so as not to encounter any unpleasant checks or fines. It is a true outdoor gym that attracts professional athletes in athletic preparation. We use this fenced area to contribute to your skiing in some way. We teach them to ski and hang out with our and other children.