The Kurukshetra University in Harayana

In the constituent state of Punjab, the Indian government has established a university with accommodation in Kurukshetra. This place was chosen because of its historical connection with Mahabharta. A university was also needed in this undivided area of Punjab. Kurukshetra is 156 km from Delhi on the Delhi-Ambala Grand Highway. You need to drive out of a place called Pipley on GT road to get to Kurukshetra, which is about 12 km away.

I studied at this university in the late 1960s and 1970s and received a degree in physics with honors. At the time, the university was fully residential and had several beautiful dormitories for boys and girls. With the establishment of the state of Haryana in 1966, following the agitation of the Akali party for the Punjabi sub, the importance of this university has increased enormously.

For a start, the university from a purely residential university also became an affiliated university, and its jurisdiction was extended to other parts of Haryana. The jurisdiction of the old Punjab University has ended.

This department has established itself in the field of education in Northern India and includes the departments of clean and applied sciences, as well as written and humanities. One of the most important aspects of this university is the spread of Sanskrit. In fact, it was part of the statute when the government created this president. Thus, the study of Sanskrit is mandatory for all students who must receive qualification marks in this language. The standard is high school.

This department also houses a technical university. The Department of Indian Studies is quite well known. The campus is located among lush fields, and the university has excellent playgrounds. Many of Haryana’s athletes are products of this university.

The University of Kurukshetra was also associated with naval education, but it ended when naval education ceased. But it was a thrilling attempt to reach Pan India.

The dormitories in this chair are probably the best. Students are provided with booths that guarantee a healthy study. But when I was in college, there were no fans, and the students had to bring their own. Honestly, it was pretty stupid.

The University of Kurukshetra is an important department in Haryana.

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