The Beginning of the End of Cricket

You can laugh at this idea. The end of cricket? You could say it’s impossible.

All great ideas, big technologies and popular concepts were once considered invincible. Cricket as an idea of national participation at this stage is also part of history. His fortress is under attack. People are clearly, even temporarily, disconnected from this king of games.

What I witnessed was far from the hype that could create such a global event as the World Cup. Enthusiasm was absolutely dubious. It is also interesting why and how we got to this point.

Everyone knows that this king of sport has long reigned in the hearts and minds of people. Crazy fans, discussions that take place long after the end of the games, liveliness of events on the field, anger at chess, celebration of victory, as if it were a personal achievement, and all that.

Everything that has been brought to illogical heights will face the same fate. Is education the reason for this? Or the blessing of sensitivity to people. Slow but steady penetration of tennis, hockey and other sports. Lots of activities that allow people to watch and do something other than cricket or their combination. Some media giants, such as zee Sports, invest up to five hundred kros of rupees to charm football.

The anger and fury that followed India’s defeat were quickly heavily criticized. There were also rumours that it was organised by a large number of players who lost huge sums of money. The rest of the Indians immediately seemed not sporty. Burn images of players, attack them at home and all other madness. Cricket was no longer a sport, it was a religion: when the gods were defeated, it hurt. And to raise this game to such a height was ridiculous. People immediately felt a thrill at their excessive dependence on gambling. All this combined with the fact that, as I said earlier, the various options now available to people, you can clearly see that the game redundant type has its mark.

It is also important for marketers. The time zone factor, of course, this time did not allow the giants FMCG to leave the game. But marketers and advertisers are quick to realise the merits of using niche games and events where the attention of the target audience can be attracted more consistently than in cricket, where it is completely dispersed, unless the costs are large enough to create a huge advertising space. Buy. This may seem like an inevitable option for marketers on a tight budget, and it is, but these marketers will eventually create alternative sports in India. These sports can attract niche crowds with very different interests than a typical cricket fan.

It is also necessary to thoroughly investigate why and how cricket has become such a craze, not only in terms of the hype created, but also in terms of the nature of the game and the psyche of people. It is hard to believe that the same attention and hype will raise mere mortals (reading football, hockey, etc.) to the same height as cricket.

Cricket will never die. He will prosper, but without his ugly face. And a lot of brothers and sisters along the way.

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