The All-in-One Comprehensive Guide to Badges and Takeovers for NBA 2K23c

This is the NBA 2K23 Badges & Takeover Guide. It contains a list of all badges, a list of badge tiers, a list of takeovers, a list of takeover perks, information on how to unlock badges, and a breakdown of tips, information, and other content that is displayed when you click on each individual badge.

How to Gain Access to Badges

The categories of Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense/Rebounding are the ones that are used to organize the badges. There are no modifications made to Badges that are exclusive to NBA 2K23. In their own words, here is how 2K explains the new changes that have been made to NBA 2K23 Badges:

“Beginning this year, we will be utilizing a badge ranking system. Each attribute category has a total of 16 badges: eight at the first level, four at the second level, and four at the third level. Badges of the first tier are the least effective for your player, but they also require the fewest number of badge points to obtain. As you progress through the tiers and earn badges with increasing levels of significance, the associated costs increase as well. The general principle behind this requirement is that you have to equip a predetermined number of badges from lower tiers before you can equip badges from higher tiers. Simply clicking on any of the individual badges will bring up the complete breakdown and analysis of the NBA 2K23 Badges. This contains a list of the best builds for each badge, tips for earning badges, information about badges, and more.

PLEASE NOTE That the items on this list are subject to change.2K has not yet provided a comprehensive explanation as to whether some badges were renamed or merged. Instead, 2K has only announced new badges and removed badges. The 2K courtside report served as the foundation for this badge list. After 2K has clarified the full badge list and the requirements for earning badges, the definitive confirmation of the badges will be updated.

NBA 2K23 Takeover Guide

Takeovers are special abilities that can be equipped on your MyPLAYER and then activated once your Takeover meters have been filled up to the appropriate level. In essence, it is the same as getting hot in real life. Even though the primary and secondary Takeovers have not been altered in any way, the Team Takeover has been rethought.

A player was able to activate Team Takeover for their entire team and make everyone hot in the most recent couple of versions by first filling up their primary meter, then their secondary meter, and finally their Team Takeover meter in that order. Team Takeover is a co-op mode available in NBA 2K23 MT. It requires all members of a team to share a single meter in order to function properly. Each member of the team is assigned an equal share of the pie, which it is their job to help fill by contributing positively on the court and being supportive of their teammates. Once all of the players on a team have reached the point where their individual portions of the meter are full, Team Takeover will activate for the entire team automatically. The new layout makes a lot more sense and does a better job of representing what it means for a team to be hot as a unit and to take control of the game as a whole than the old one did.

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