Positive Effects Of Online Games That Help Students To Be Competent

Of these 2,000 children, 27 percent reported less than excellent mental health, and 19 percent reported poor mental health. If you look at the average time these people have spent playing video games, you will find that they have spent more time playing video games every week than the adults who have spent their full-time work. Video game addiction is believed to contribute to the mental health and social anxiety that even young children face today. There seems to be a connection between depression, self-esteem and the amount of time an individual spends playing video games. When parents determine how much time they spend playing their children and what games they play, adults will quickly see the good effects of online games.

This can lead to social anxiety, which makes the problem worse. Poor academic performance: Playing online games for a long time negatively affects your child’s academic performance. The more your kids play online games, the sooner they fall asleep. Lack of concentration will be a problem for children who spend more time playing online games. Some children would fall for online games and some kind of addiction will occur to them. Teenagers and students are more prone to the harmful effects of online games.

In addition, online games offer high competition with virtual opponents without the intervention of other people, as is the case at offline casinos. Many past studies indicate that video games are the leading cause of many health problems, such as addiction, aggression, obesity and repeated stress injury. Perhaps because people prefer to hear the bad rather than the good, it is easier to blame it that way.

A study showed better sensitivity to visual contrast in students playing 50 hours of action video games over approximately 12 weeks. These people were better able to distinguish small differences in shades of gray than to control students.

Children who are not interested in sports can find ways to express their frustration through video games. In addition, shy children can also discover their competitive side. Research has also shown that players believe that their social life and cognitive skills have improved games. Most parents believe kangtau88 that sport is the only way for children to improve their hand-eye coordination. Playing video games can also help coordinate your child, because online games require above average hand-eye coordination to play properly. Toddlers using Wii and playing interactive games also have better motor skills.

For example, China has passed laws prohibiting children from playing more than 90 minutes of video games a day, and children can only play video games until 10pm. Another disturbing sign is the use of video games to escape real life. As noted above, this type of behavior can lead to video game addiction, leading to other negative behavior. Too much play can become a problem, but in moderation you can do great things for your mental health. Linking in online games is also successful because it attracts people with similar interests who become friends earlier, precisely because of their corresponding perception of entertainment and hobbies. Gone are the days when people made countless trips to casinos to see or play their favorite games.

The real truth is that playing online games will have both positive and negative effects. Children do not only have to learn their hand-eye coordination by performing sports activities. The study also found that children playing online games showed better skills to throw, kick and catch balls. This article explicitly discussed the negative effects of online video games on students. This does not necessarily mean that there are no positive effects; We even discussed some of the positive effects of online video games on students.

One of the many themes that emerged during Qutee’s research was the advantage that games can have in society as a whole. In an online survey, players were asked what they thought was the main advantage of the games. That’s a serious advantage if you think one in five people in the United States experience mental health problems every year.