Perfect Makeup Step

Apply the lightest shade to the entire lid, starting from the tab line and ending just above the fold on your eyelid. Use a mixing brush to apply the eyeshadow to the fold and mix in from the outer corner. Use the concealer in your area under the eyes if you have dark circles. If you need firm coverage, start with an orange concealer to correct the color. Then find a concealer that matches your skin color. Apply to small stripes with a pointed correction brush.

You also need a folding brush, a smaller round brush that can be folded if you want to add a dark shade to define your eyes. Finally, you need an eye feeder brush, a small, flat, angular brush used to align the eyes or add a little eyebrow powder to the thin eyebrows. Her eyelid makeup is made so she can now stay to the bottom of the eye. Mix the color of the middle tone and the tone of the circumference and apply from the outer corner to the bottom tab line until you come across the highlighter. Eye primer helps create a smooth surface for eye makeup. Once the primer has dried, you can apply an eyeshadow base that keeps the eyeshadow better on the skin.

Add your first line from the angular outer edge and extend it. If you go with a cream-colored lining, use an angled brush for the application. Use a small, pointed brush to tap a little where the circles under the eyes are darker, usually in the inner and outer corners of the eye. Add a dot to other imperfections not covered by the base and mix with the skin.

Like a moisturizer, the primer should also remain on the skin for a few minutes before applying any other makeup product. Using the circumference shade, apply from the outer corner as you mix the fold into the outer half of the eye. Make sure not to mix too high, because the tone in the middle should always be higher than the contour tone.

To apply bare lipstick, choose a shade that matches the skin color. When it comes to applying eyeshadow, start with a light-colored base color such as gold, beige, gray or cream. When choosing the base shade, make sure it fits perfectly with your natural skin tone. Blush is that part of makeup that helps add color to your face.

Before you start listing those basic makeup tips, you need to learn how to prepare your face even when you plan to wear simple makeup. The eyebrow gel pencils are really concentrated, but they are very suitable for coloring, making them perfect for contouring. If your cat’s free hand doesn’t happen to you, grab a spoon and use it as a template. Use a spoon’s stem against the outer corner of the eye and use a liquid eyeliner to draw a straight line as the first step in front of your cat. Then turn the spoon over to cuddle your eyelid and use the rounded outer edge to create a perfectly curved winged effect.

Making smoky eyes is a bit tricky, but once you know the exact shape of your application, it is easier to apply. For its blush, the cream looks blushing without any shine or shine more natural. It has a texture similar to that of your skin and is also very transparent. For an permanent eyebrow makeup interior-lit effect, try the Stila convertible color – it’s a cheek and lip cream and it gives it that perfect translucent color. Use a blush brush and put a little on your cheeks, mix well with your polishing brush. Before using lipstick, it is important to use a lip liner.

A layer of mascara does this aspect, both for the top and bottom tabs. Then use a black lining pencil to adjust your top tab line to give an illusion of thicker, darker tabs. We can’t beat Urban Decay 24/3 slider eyeliner in black – it’s extremely pigmented and durable. While following the step-by-step makeup guide, the next step is to hide all the problem areas on your face using a concealer, especially the area under the eyes. You can use a shade closest to your skin tone, or you can choose one slightly lighter to help mark the area.

It works effectively to light the tone of your skin and makes the necessary areas uniform. Apply a concealer under the eyes and mix well using a correction brush. Also buy a concealer on dark spots and other irregular areas, but combine everything well.