Mica Belt Heaters

The accumulation of dirt is another factor that forces the contractions to come together unevenly. Electric heaters work on the principle of resistive heating, in which an electric current flowing through a conductor generates heat. According to joule’s first law, the heat generated by an electric current is equal to the product of the conductor’s resistance, the square of the current, and the time in which it flows. Start your RFPBrowsen our buying guide for equipment and utility manufacturers for everything from drying and curing products to cooling/heat dissipation equipment. Shows a nozzle with a spring-loaded needle valve that opens when the melting pressure exceeds a certain value or alternatively when the nozzle is pressed against the mold.

The elements are usually wrapped in metal to ensure higher mechanical strength. There are so many different configurations of diameter, width, volts, watts and lead that we can’t list them all, below is just a selection of what we can get. Most of our customers ask for something else, so if you don’t see the belt heater you want, give us a call. Make sure that a qualified electrician takes over the wiring of the heating belt. Use only lead wire with the right insulation and measure to ensure compatibility with high temperatures.

Most closing nozzles have the disadvantage that they restrict the material flow and cause unwanted stagnation points. For this reason, they should not be used with heat-sensitive materials such as PVC. Contact with the mold causes heat transfer from the nozzle and in cases where this is excessive, it is advisable to remove the nozzle from the mold during the screwed part of the mold cycle.

Other specifications are important, but these two are the most changed by the materials and the chosen architectural style. Most belt heaters are classified as standard construction or high temperature. Mightyband heaters are suitable for a wide range of applications. The flexibility of the mineral-insulated cable makes it possible to wind up the Mightyband heater, shape it to wind pipes or use it directly.

Rectangular bands are used when there is a rectangular die or shape in which a belt heater does not fit. Configuration 403, 415 or 417 and each configuration has several different options that can be added or changed according to your needs. The temperature of the plastic and mold is controlled during injection molding.

Be careful not to compress the ceramic insulation, which will reduce the insulation value and the life of the heater. The heater is safer with the cooler outer surface, compared to other belt heaters. Industrial Band Heater Manufacturer Extruders, injection molding machines, blown film tools and other cylinder heating applications. Strip heaters are built in the same way as a mica tape, so it also has a temperature class of 700°F.

Ceramic impact ring heaters are able to reach temperatures of up to 450 ° C. Our belt heaters are designed and manufactured by computer according to your specifications. The stock of belt heaters from Backer Marathon is constantly growing. Optionally, mica tape heaters can be offered as a waterproof version for diameters ≤ 80 mm with a thermocouple or with perforated holes or notches.