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Noida, a satellite city in the Gautam district of Buddha Nagar in Uttar Pradesh, has witnessed the presence of employers from various sectors. The city has become a necessary hub for several international IT outsourcing companies, such as Sapient, Fiserv, Headstrong, EXL Service, First Flight Courier LTD, IBM, Miracle, AON Hewitt, Fujitsu, CSC, TCS, Ajastra Media, WIPRO, Padma Infocom, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Adobe Systems, Ericsson, Dell, Sparta Consulting, Patni Computers, Corbus, Accenture, Samsung, etc. There was also a tendency to increase the number of jobs in business offices and call centers: several leading business agencies opened their offices in the city, where thousands of young professionals work.

In addition, Noida is the headquarters of several energy companies. As a result, many jobs are being created for young professionals. Some of the major energy companies that have opened their centers in the city:

1 – reliable infrastructure
2 q NTPC limited
3 – Tata’s power
4 = India Gas Authority Limited
5 – Indian Oil Company
6 = Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
7 = Oil India Limited
8 = Samsung Engineering
9 = BGR Energy Systems Ltd.

Due to the special status of the economic zone and its proximity to Delhi, several large companies have opened branches in Noida. In addition, Noida is also the headquarters of Software Technology Park, created by the Government of India to promote the software industry in the country. Leading IT companies such as TCS, Accenture, Genpect and Steria have opened offices in the Special Economic Area (EEA), the Noida 135 sector.

Noida is known as the most important industrial center. In recent years, Noida has quickly become a major hub for auxiliary automotive units, as several large automotive companies have opened their offices in the city. Some of the best car companies that have opened their centers in the city:

1 q heads
2 = Honda SIEL
3 = Moriroku Technology India Pvt Ltd
4 New Holland tractors

In addition, several multinationals and major manufacturers, such as Alstom, ISGEC, LG, Samsung, Barclays, Ericsson and music company T-Series, have opened their headquarters in Noida.

The city is also known worldwide for its wide range of news channels and studios. Founded by Sandeep Marwa, Film City is the main center of leading media and press studios. There are several news channels and studios that have opened offices in the city, such as zee News, NDTV, TV Today Group, CNN-IBN, CNBC, NewsX and India TV. Noida’s proximity to New Delhi, India’s capital and main centre of India, also makes it one of the most successful destinations for news channels. The rapid pace of industrial development in Noida led to the development of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city has also become the main source of government revenue.

To accelerate growth, companies need efficient human resources, making Noida a major destination for job seekers. Many young professionals are exploring career opportunities in Noida, and as a result the city has become the preferred employment center.

Pay packet

In addition to rapid career growth, Noida offers a solid future. To get a good idea of the labor market, let’s take a look at the wage packages offered by companies in Noida. If we’re talking about the IT industry as a software engineer, you can count on 4-5 lakhs a year, and as a tester for 3-4 lakhs per year. Noida companies also offer annual bonuses and good gains.

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