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Up to 10 million cigarettes are bought 電子煙推薦 every minute. Why do you think so many? Many people say that smoking makes them feel more comfortable and/or more confident. Some people also say that smoking clears their head and helps them think. Whatever the reason, cigarettes are dangerous to your health. Now that health risks are confirmed by more evidence than ever before, more and more people want to lead healthier lives. The problem is that it is extremely difficult for people to get rid of addiction, even if they want to.

The addiction is not caused by cigarettes in general, but by their “ingredient”: nicotine. Those who are used to nicotine develop headaches, have difficulty concentrating and become depressed if they deprive it of the body. This problem was solved in the early 1980s with the advent of nicotine gum. More smokers quit smoking than any other smoking cessation.

Initially, nicotine gum was only available on prescription, but now it can be bought without a prescription in most pharmacies. The recommended duration of use is 3 months. If, after this time, you still feel like a cigarette, see your doctor. Unfortunately, some smokers become addicted to nicotine gum. In some ways, people give up one habit and change it to another.

So, nicotine addiction is bad? Addiction to nicotine gum is no better and no worse than caffeine addiction. It’s not perfect, but there are worse things that you can get addicted to. Remember that nicotine in cigarettes is not the cause of all health problems associated with smoking. The reason that cigarettes are so harmful to health is that manufacturers add thousands of chemicals. These chemicals are not found in nicotine gum.

Chewing gum with nicotine is also a more sensible way to replenish the body with nicotine. This is because it slowly enters your bloodstream for 30-60 minutes, whereas cigarettes give you a higher dose of nicotine in just 5 minutes. However, chewing gum can increase your physical dependence on nicotine, and chewing gum can have the same side effects as smoking.

Nicotine chewing gum is also not available at a low price. You can afford to buy a pack of cigarettes for the price, so using cigarettes for longer than the recommended 12 weeks won’t save you money in the long run. But if you have to have an expensive habit, chewing gum – the most useful option. Do it step by step and everything will be fine. Now the most important thing is to quit smoking, and nicotine gum can certainly help.

If you’re an avid cigarette fan, you’ll probably die soon. The increase in the number of patients with stem cells and lung cancer around the world has prompted health officials to take tough steps to help people quit smoking. In addition to the sculptural warnings printed on cigarette packs to help smokers become aware of the seriousness of the problem and encourage them to quit, several new treatments are in development. Saying “no” to smoking is certainly difficult, as nicotine passes through our brains in just 5 seconds and makes users smoke more. Smokers usually need more than a few attempts to quit.

If you also struggled to resist the smoke and quit smoking but failed, here’s your helping hand:

The first important step is to help you quit smoking is to come to terms with the problem and seek help in every trimester. Accepting a problem and making a firm decision to quit smoking is an important first step to giving up the habit. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t succeeded before, instead be positive and analyze why you have failed before. Find out what used to get you to quit smoking, and then find a strategy that will help you quit smoking in a positive way this time. Choose a date to quit smoking, make a plan and go!
Smokers use many methods of quitting smoking. If you smoke about 0-20 cigarettes a day, you can use the cold turkey method to get rid of the harmful addiction at the same time. But remember that in order to successfully quit smoking by the method of cold turkey, you will need a huge self-control and strong willpower.
If you can’t completely get rid of this habit, you can gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked every day. Gradual reduction certainly helps the smoker. The method of gradually reducing the number of cigarettes can be implemented by increasing the frequency between periods of ignition of two cigarettes or by smoking only half of a cigarette instead of a full cigarette at a time.

To quit smoking, you can also use well-known therapy to reduce nicotine levels in NRT. NRT helps control smoking cravings and thus increases the chances that heavy smokers will quit this addiction. With NRT, cigarettes are replaced by low-nicotine products, which are released gradually over a much longer period, satisfying the smoker’s wishes. These nicotine replacement products also do not contain harmful by-products of smoking, such as tar and toxins.

Many different products are available in the markets recommended by doctors for NRT. Nose sprays, gums, pacifiers, patches and lollipops can be used after consultation with a therapist, which will definitely help you quit smoking. Some drugs or nicotine receptor modulators may also be recommended by doctors to help smokers.
Smoking can damage a person’s lungs and even cause deadly cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to take adequate measures and choose public treatments and methods to quit smoking. Gradual reduction, nicotine replacement therapy and many modern smoking treatments can certainly help a person get rid of this addiction.

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