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It has an outer zippered pocket and a zippered main compartment. This is another cross-body travel bag with anti-theft features from Pacsafe. The reason I included this in my post is that the sizes between the 2 bags are different. The Pacsafe Daysafe anti-theft crossbody is much smaller than the previous recommendation and is only intended for the essentials. So if you’re only carrying the minimal items, this is a bag to consider.

With a hidden caribeener, you can attach your bag to a pole or chair to prevent passers-by from holding on and leaving. You can also use the two zippered expansion pockets to store glasses, a camera, or water bottles. Travelon is another travel bag manufacturer that produces anti-theft bags. This courier bag is a large size to carry all your belongings, including a bottle of water or an umbrella on the side for sightseeing.

Smaller slings tend to have thin straps, while heavier backpack-style slings tend to have thick straps. But length and width are not the only elements you should pay attention to. In addition to keeping you fashionable, sling bags are great because they’re convenient.

Although they are anti-theft bags, they are also ideal for the city. The safety features of all these travel bags include zippers with closure to make the hands pry. Most have RFID-lined pockets to protect the personal information stored on their credit cards and passports from being read by e-readers.

Most sling bags have an elongated shape to fit better on the chest and back. As we mentioned earlier, hip suits sometimes try to be slingbags, some even succeed in them, but they will not be so shaped up to the chest and may hang in such a way that they look unbalanced. We are a proponent of small slings because, in a pointless U.S. Made range, they are the best for traveling. Small slings are more comfortable to wear, easier to pack in a larger travel backpack, and are considered a personal item by most airlines. At a certain size, a sling bag becomes an uncomfortable backpack. We have tested a lot of slings, which will turn out to be the best sling?

It manages to be light and spacious enough to carry everything you need while traveling, and its waterproof construction keeps it and your belongings dry, clean and safe. But if you prefer something smaller, more versatile, or packed with more features, check out our list of the best travel bags below. No one wants to rummage through a bag to find a card, a phone, or sunscreen. Design external pockets to facilitate access to the items you need most often, as well as internal pockets to organize other items more securely. Kids will love the multiple outdoor pockets in these bags, which are great for organization, but can’t always be found in other models of travel bags for kids. That little bit of extra space is very convenient and fits in this bag around week-long clothes for a younger child.

This lightweight travel bag has plenty of space, making it a great choice for those who have plenty of valuables with them to carry around at all times. The bag has a synthetic lining that ensures that it remains water resistant even in the wettest storms. The cross-body strap is adjustable so you can lengthen or shorten it to maximize your comfort level. The interior is divided into practical compartments to ensure you stay organized while away from home. There’s also a sliding pocket on the outside that’s handy for storing items you need easy access to.