5 Best Kept Secret Destinations In Egypt

It contains various types of sea creatures, such as sharks, large blanket fish, turtles, snakes and more, and ranks seventh in the world in terms of area and amounts of liters of water in it. Afterwards, you can visit the zoo and wild birds with rare species of living creatures, making the project different from its counterparts in other countries. The charm of Giftun Island is that it includes 14 of the most beautiful dive sites in Hurghada.

Enjoy a buffet lunch on board, a short massage, a banana boat ride and an oriental show. Quads are easy to handle and you don’t need any previous experience to drive them. You can take part in the regular tours that go into the desert, looking for hidden cannons or hanging out over sand dunes. Discover an Egyptian Island paradise on a day tour from Hurghada to Giftun Island National Park and enjoy world-class sun, sand and snorkeling. When you stay in a resort, most hotels end up on the beaches, but there are also many excellent public beaches to visit.

Many visitors like to combine a stop in Hurghada with a tour of the Nile Valley sites. To the north is Ad-Dahar, which, thanks to its lively souk, considers the most Egyptian part of the city nearby. There is also the Sigala area with many shops and restaurants, as well as the charming Gebel al-Afish mountain. Along the coast is the tourist strip with more resorts and luxury hotels. During this 6-day trip you will learn about the ancient history of Cairo and Alexandria, and visit the old coastal town of Hurghada, located on the coast of the Red Sea. Meet the old streets of Cairo with historic churches and the old Khan El Khalili market and spend a day looking at the Egyptian Museum and the Giza Pyramids.

After diving in 2 different places, you will return to the port of Hurghada and you will be dropped off at your hotel in Hurghada. Pick up from your hotel in Hurghada and boat trip to the underwater islands of the coral reefs in the Red Sea, where you can dive and explore the islands, and enjoy a luxurious seafood buffet on board. You can also explore the beautiful island of Zabargad, which was previously won for a semi-precious stone called olivine. There are many beautiful views to enjoy in this area and lots of sea life. It is also a great place for snorkeling or diving or just relaxing on one of the many beaches.

Also known as the Great Pyramid, it was built for Pharaoh Khufu by more than 100,000 men for three months each year. If you want, you can take a tour of the interior and see the amazing masonry and the sarcophagus for yourself. Race Mohammed Named after the nearby cliffs that form the shape of a male profile, Ras Mohammed National Park sees more than 50,000 guests per year. Guests have an idea of some of the most impressive coral reef ecosystems on the planet.

The beaches that cross the coast of the Red Sea of Egypt are absolutely beautiful in many places. We all love a yellow submarine and indeed Sindbad has its fleet in bright, sunny colors, which will throw you 22 meters . During the 50-minute underwater scent, you can see intricate and lush coral formations and tropical fish vividly from the rainbow. Panoramic windows ensure that amateur Attenboroughs are guaranteed to be excellent photos and videos.

Not only will you see a lot of fish and coral walls, but you will also see the remains of Jolanda, a load that sank there in 1980. You will also love the gardens, which actually look more like three places in one. Visit Cairo and Giza Pyramids from Hurghada Far Garden is where you will find a colorful cantilever in deep water known as the cathedral. The Middle Garden leans towards a large bed with sandy paths and in Near Garden you will find a great chain of peaks.