10 Smart Gang Decoration Ideas

Large consoles, chairs and ideas for decorating inboxes can make a small corridor feel tight, while furniture is the same color as the walls, usually merging into the wall, making it look wider. The wooden floors are placed vertically / longitudinal, so you could see a good runner to leave. The style of my house is not suitable for the water layer, but at this point I place photos that I have taken myself, as sights along the hallway .

In front of their entrance hall, the couple created a striking wall from a series of paperback books arranged on shallow shelves. The white background also offers a canvas for extra personal accents. A vintage cabinet houses a collection of chandeliers, a simple black stool is thin enough not to take up too much floor space, and some casually supported images add to the elegant and effortless Scandi feel.

I also love the sign and the batter who did Simplicity in the South: that’s something Corey and I have long considered in our upstairs hallway, and I love what it looks like here. I think the bright white edge in the bottom half of the wall is a great way to illuminate a dark corridor, and it adds a lot to the area without feeling overwhelming. The corridors are the perfect white canvas for a great statement. Grease the carpet, add a super unique lamp or paint the walls a color you have nowhere else. It is a nice and unexpected surprise and your narrow corridor feels so much more special.

Show books, candles, plants and more to make that boring space a real feature of the room. We love how this is also painted in dark charcoal in a bad mood, so that all those bright colors really explode. To recreate this aspect, not only stop the walls and ceilings, also take the white paint to the stairs and even to the floor. You can add pieces to prevent all that white from looking like a rug or a runner, or add mirrors or simple prints on the walls. I think so I bought two of the same runners and put them together to get the length I needed.

By placing carpets in your entrance, not only a smooth texture is reapplied all over again, but your floors are also protected and the hallway appears longer and more spacious. It is not uncommon to make a small space in the hallway feel bigger. This runner, in a house with interiors designed by Marlaina Teich, not only shows how the lighter colors are a great way to make the space feel brighter, but a small optical illusion is very helpful. For an effective idea for decorating corridors, try painting the railings and using accessories to add the darkest shades, but keep the walls and floors light. Useful minimalism is the basis of such Scandinavian interiors. An apartment hall designed in this way uses only practical elements.

As with any design, you have to take into account the scale and function along with the style. Start with a console cabinet and pull a nice stool or side chair. Then put on a practical decoration and beautiful accents that distinguish your space from the rest of the house. One of our favorite ideas for decorating corridors is building a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall. It’s a visually daring way to show great art collections or photos, and it immediately gives a course like a personality. We are completely sold in this idea of rustic gait decoration, something inadequate, and it is easy to recreate with white walls and a set of green cabinets and shelves in / out.

Use mirrors to improve that light and if you have space, bring an important piece of furniture, be it a bench or a console table so that it doesn’t feel like a sea of floor. This elegant black and white corridor is not only a really great entrance to the house, it is also a very practical design. First, the tiles, more on the back, are one of the most effective and elegant gang floor ideas, and you can see how the walls stay darker under Dad’s rail? Who would have thought it would be so great to take in such a small, narrow space and add something so visually stunning??! I love the stripes in this hallway and I love that they even repeated the pattern in the hallway. The photos on both sides help ease the madness of the stripes, and I really want to drive me crazy and paint stripes in our hallway!

Light blue wallpaper with a white lace pattern blends harmoniously onto the white walls of the hallway with a light-colored wooden floor. According to the mood of the pots, the floor is decorated with carpets with floral patterns that contrast with the glossy magenta chest of drawers. I would 3d wall tiles probably make the bathroom view as pleasant as possible (maybe some fresh paint on the walls, a window treatment, etc.) for when the door is open. Depending on how much wall space you have, you can add some art or do a wall treatment (the board and ribbon are your favorites for the hallway).

The dark walls in the bedroom or living room may be too oppressive for some. But a public highway is not a place where you will probably hang out for a long time, making it a good place to experiment with something daring. This Swedish house is owned by the photographer and shop owner Sofia Jansson and musician Kristo Jansson.

Painted strips of Hungarian oak parquet floors give a graphic and playful feeling. This cramped space in an elegant West London home in Elspeth Lynn Design provides an ideal place to hang a gallery of great artwork frames. The “runner effect” is divided by the low declaration pendant light and the white painted panels, in contrast to the cladding paper above it. In a small, narrow corridor, consider wall lamps to add more ambient light to open the room. Stacked wall lamps draw the eye to the focus point, as if the walls feel further apart. Connect the wall lamps to the straightening lights to ensure that the room is well lit.